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Tyra Dennis, better known as “Tyralucia,” was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has always been drawn to the stage by her talents: singing, composing music, playing the piano (as well as 11 other various instruments), acting and writing. The singer, songwriter and musician that has accomplished so much and continues to excel beyond expectations.  From performing with the greats such as Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Jackson Brown, Ray Charles and Slash from Guns and Roses while still being in high school to having a key role in developing and starring in the first Apple iPod commercial Tyra’s work spans across all music genres and audiences. Tyra has also always made it important to share her blessings with others and does so, among other music and philanthropic efforts, with Music Mayhem; a full service entertainment company specializing in music production, artist development, talent management and event curation which she founded in 2012. She has also opened for Grammy winner Eric Bellinger during 2014’s Stand Against Autism Benefit Concert, which was one of her philanthropic efforts. She has worked with the likes of Ike Turner, YoYo, Herbie Hancock, Izzy The Kidd, Symbolyc One, Andre Merrit, First Born, Soaky Siren, Kevin McCall and more. Not only did she perform with those acclaimed musical masterminds, she also recorded an upbeat swinging version of “Let The Good Times Roll” with Ray Charles and Slash from Guns and Roses.


Given the opportunity to assist playwright and director Brandon Rainey (winner of a Spike Lee Award) in his annual summer productions as a songwriter, Tyra quickly became the musical director of his company CBG (Chosen By God) where she composed, orchestrated and scored over 15 musicals within the last 10 years. Many of these musicals have toured the United States changing the lives and touching the hearts of many. She reigned as the music director of CBG from 2003-2014.


Tyra has had the opportunity to perform at The Playboy Jazz Festival, not to mention that her career was launched in 2003 when she was discovered by her high school band teacher (Fernando Pullum) and casting agent who appeared to simply be a local farmer's market shopper (Toni Cervantes). Together, they helped her through the launching of the very first Apple I-pod commercial where she showcased her fun loving personality while singing "Get the party started" by multi-platinum recording artist Pink. She is forever grateful for those 2 for seeing something in her that she did not see herself.


As an actress, Tyra starred in Ephraim’s Song, an original urban musical that won four out of seven NAACP Theater Award nominations (including best female lead actress). She has appeared in two commercials: Apple I-pod and Ray Charles Blues Lab. She appeared in the major motion picture “Dreamgirls,” starring Beyonce’ Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy. After graduating from college, she debuted as a lead in her first featured filmed titled "Let Clay Be Clay," where she portrays the risky yet extremely talented "Doneisha.” She has also starred in many musical theater productions and has won quite a few awards for her performances. 

Since 2016, Tyra has been able to show her passion for worship and love for Christ by becoming a worship leader within the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) when answering the call to serve at Another Level Ministries. She has lead the music for many events, including but not limited to Western States Youth Gathering (WYLE), Theoasis (SYC Synod), Synod Assembly (SWC Synod), ELCA Gathering, Extravaganza and more. She is honored to use her gift in a way that elevates God's kingdom and gives back to the one that has given her everything.


Tyra has taken on many entrepreneurial ventures. Aside from opening her own entertainment firm, Music Mayhem, she also has an entertainment career as a solo music artist and musical theater performer and award winner. Considered to be one of Los Angeles best singing and songwriting talents, this urban pop artist has taken every stage that she hits by storm. Tyra will continue to use the arts to inspire, change and save lives. Stay tuned for what she will be up to next.

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